Talaria WebRTC Solution – Add collaboration and real-time communication features into a website, web application, or mobile app in no-time.

Add collaboration and
real-time communication
features into a website,
web application, or mobile
app in no-time.

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Increased Engagement and Productivity

Real-time collaboration via video conferencing enables a level of engagement and productivity that is very hard to achieve using messaging, phone, or email.


Simplified Workflow = Better User Experience

By offering a well-integrated system that enables real-time communication along with your core functionality, you are improving customer satisfaction.


Stay Focused on Your Core Competency

Focus on building your product and business core competency and let us provide real-time communication capabilities.


Faster Time to Market

Deliver valuable real-time communication capabilities within days instead of developing them or integrating them over months. This translates into savings in time and money.

Talaria consists of conference rooms, audio/video calling, ephemeral chat, screen sharing, media messages, file sharing and co-browsing. Users outside of your workgroup or organization can be added with one-time access to the current meeting (no account creation or download).

It works in any modern browser on any desktop or mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux). We provide a safe, secure and private (peer-to-peer, end-to-end encrypted, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant) environment. It can be easily branded and customized to match your product look and feel. It can be integrated within a day!

Conferece Rooms

Conference rooms with easy, one-click access, and up to 50 participants.

Media Messages

Send short audio or video messages, that can be played back without account creation.

File Sharing

Drag and drop file sending to people in the same room for the instant delivery.

Screen and Call Recording

Presence management – real-time user presence indicators.

Audio/Video Calling and Chat

One-on-one or up to four person video or audio call with ephemeral chat capability.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing while in the call (only screen viewing on mobile, requires Firefox or Chrome).

Easy Invitations

Effortlessly invite people from outside of your organization to join a call without account creation or downloads – a single click will do it.

Presence Status

Presence management – real-time user presence indicators.

Phone Calling

Call regular phone numbers with affordable international rates. Connect to call centers.

Users Segmentation

Segment your customers into separate “rooms” where only people from within specific teams can call each other and see their online status.


Based on open standard WebRTC technology, end-to-end 256bit AES encrypted. HIPAA, and GDPR compliant.


No plugins or downloads required.

Lightweight and Fast

Entire library including all HTML, JS, and CSS is less than 200kB and is served from Amazon CDN so it won’t slow down your app.


Localization ready – our calling user interface can be translated to any language easily.


Fully customizable to match your brand look and feel and your desired app user experience.


Complies with WCAG 2.0 guidelines, European and US disability acts.


Consistent look and feel, optimised for phones, tablets, and desktops.


No user data other than the name (not saved anywhere) is ever sent to our server from your application.


Our library is kept up to date without the need to change or update on your side. We maintain the server infrastructure.


We are delivering our service using Amazon CDN, IBM Cloud and Twilio network of STUN/TURN servers.

Easy to Integrate

Integration and customization (in most cases) are so simple that junior developers can do it.


Co-browsing solutions enable agents and customers to be on the same page – literally. With the click of a button, agents can instantly view and interact with customers’ web browsers.

Optional Dedicated Server

The option of a dedicated RTC server for large or security-cautious organizations.

Optional Turn-Key Integration

Optionally, our team can do integration and customization for you.

Here is How it Works

  1. Contact us, provide information about your organization and your product that you want to enable with real-time communication.
  2. We provide access to our documentation and calling server (within one business day).
  3. Your developers (or us) add a couple of lines of code to your web application.
  4. (OPTIONAL) You (or us) customize the look and feel to match your product or website.
  5. Your customers can enjoy the benefits of real-time communication and collaboration, and your business is enhanced with added value.

Customer Testimonials

“For our educational platform that provides language learning via guided video chat sessions, Talaria enabled us with all communications functionalities that were required! Thanks to that, we have been able to focus on our “secret sauce” instead of doing the hard infrastructural development of real-time communication.”

Ilana Glass

MD, MyDialog

“We are amazed by how easy and fast the integration was! We are building digital communities, and the ability to have smooth and seamless integration of video calling is priceless since the community is all about communication. When it comes to that, nothing can beat the visual contact!”

Brian Pratt

CEO, Redstring

“Productivity boost that comes to our team by being able to access screen sharing right from our product is for us almost as equally important as added value that we were able to provide to our customers.”

Ivan Mojsilović

CEO, Yanado

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